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Print Positions

print positions breast and sleeve

To make your planning for your custom garments easier, we here at Tyneside T-shirts have come up with this handy explanation of print and embroidery placements and sizing.

It should help with costing and planning in regards to what techniques can be used in each position. This isn’t a full list but is representative of the standard positions that we have seen over the years. If you have any further requirements that are not mentioned here then don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to advise. To bear in mind the following will have maximum sizes indicated, this however will need consideration if you are having screens made. If you are planning on having a full range from kids 5-6 right through to XXXL adults then there is going to be some variation in the sizes which will mean individual screens to pay for. However this works the other way too, you’ll see a reduction on the cost of print for a kids 5-6 than a full front XXXL Direct to Garment or vinyl print.

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So you have an idea and you want it realised, or you have no idea but you know you want something, we can help. Not only can we design to your requirements but every design will be optimised for your chosen output. Look, if you can’t supply print ready artwork but can supply all the text, fonts, and hi-res images/vectors where possible then if it’s a 5/10 minute typesetting job for us then it’s on us. However, if it’s multiple sheets of hand written paper with drawings and screenshots of photos then yeah, it’s going to cost you our time.

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Vector Vs Raster

vector vs raster

So, you’ve read the bit about ‘vector logos’ or ‘vector artwork’ and are now wondering what we’re talking about. Let me explain. Vector artwork is basically comprised of maths, and can be scaled to any size without any reduction of quality. Raster artwork is comprised of pixels and will look correct at it’s 100% (or smaller) size. As you increase the size the quality will degrade as the pixels become apparent. To illustrate this here’s our logo. Continue reading Vector Vs Raster