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Here’s a collection of a few of the frequently asked questions we get here at Tyneside T-shirts on all aspects of our work from t-shirt printing, embroidery through to engraving and workwear. We’ll keep adding to them as they come in.

Do you have a ‘While-You-Wait’ t-shirt printing service?

Unfortunately not. We generally operate on a 2-3 day turnaround for jobs from when they are proofed and signed off.

Will you print/embroider on my own t-shirt/hoody?

Yes, but it is at your own risk and is subject to inspection of the garment’s suitability. If something goes wrong in production we will do our best to rectify but we will not replace any garments brought in. We carefully source our stock to get the best results for print and embroidery.

Do you print names and numbers on football strips?

Yes, again this is at your own risk and we can match fonts to a degree but some are prohibited for our use and we can’t add any league or sponsors logos (really, we’ve been asked to add some sponsors).

Can I get an album cover on a t-shirt?

We can’t use any copywritten artwork, no matter how obscure the band it’s just not allowed.

I’ve found an image on Google, can you put it on a t-shirt?

Probably not is the short answer. If it has specifically been listed as free for commercial use then yes, but we would need proof of that. 9 times out of 10 though it’ll be copywritten material. Rule of thumb here is, if you didn’t create it, you don’t own it, and copying something doesn’t count.

I’ve got my logo that I want on my garments, it’s a jpg, can you take the watermark out before you print them?

No. Go back to where you got it designed and get the vector version, this may need paying extra for. At best we can take any high resolution, non watermarked jpg and recreate as a vector, but we’ll charge for this. Usually if a jpg is watermarked it’s a sign that it is a proof and yet to be paid for. Any good designer will supply a range of formats in a logo package, any poor one won’t.

I can’t find my logo files, can you use this screen shot?

No, we need logos as a vector, we can recreate most things, for a charge.

I’ve got a Nike t-shirt I love but they don’t sell anymore. I’ve bought a similar style one from ebay so can you put the Nike logo on?

No. Seriously, we get this one a lot.