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There is a number of ways to get in touch, we have page specific forms across the site , if you can give as much information as possible on what you’d like it’ll make it easier. Think about sizes, colours, quantities, styles…

Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave you could telephone, I know, not as popular as it used to be but hey, some people can still actually talk to others, amazing isn’t it. But look, if I’m being honest, we do like to have a visual when quoting stuff, if you ring up and say you’ve got a one colour logo that you’d like on a t-shirt similar to the one you’re wearing and it turns out your t-shirt is a rare cut and poorly stocked colour with the one colour logo turning out to be a myriad of shades of red and unsuitable for vinyl pressing you’re going to get annoyed when we give you the actual price for what you want, not what we’ve deciphered over a broken phonecall.

Tel: 0191 276 4909

If by some miracle you are one of the lucky few who not only can converse with other human beings but can interact on a physical level you could visit the shop. I understand that this is rare in this day and age but I’ve seen it happen.

311 Welbeck Road, Newcastle. NE6 2QX