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So you’re after a printed t-shirt? Printed text, a photo, could be anything. A4 in size, front or back print, single colour or full colour (see the samples below). However, please click this bit below, we don’t like refusing work because of copywritten material…

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If you’re after a few printed t-shirts for say stag or hen parties, or out celebrating a milestone birthday you can get a group rate on these…

Name on the back?

Add a custom name to the back of the garment. If ordering 2 or more of the same size and colour then separate the names with a comma.


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Full Colour vs Single Colour.

One thing to consider when ordering your t-shirt is the color format. The following images show the difference between single colour and a percieved single colour that would have to be printed full colour.

single colour printed tshirt sample full colour printed tshirt sample

The first image is a solid white that can be cut from vinyl, but the second has a gradient in it which means it would have to be printed as full colour.

How to Order customised garments
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Black, Charcoal, Navy, Royal Blue, White, Bottle Green, Burgundy, Heather, Red, Solid Grey