Wine Glasses



  • glass engraving process

    A little bit of info about how glass engraving works.

    Although some glass engraving is done by hand, our method is a bit different. We use a masking system that allows for quick reproductions and can produce some fantastically detailed results. This is the process we used for glass awards, custom wine and beer glasses, through to paperweights and decanters.


    the engraving process design
    First up the design is created in black , and yes our desk is that clean...
    the engraving process folex paper
    The design is then printed onto folex paper, where it is placed with some APM film into a UV light box.
    the engraving process apm film
    The image is then burned onto the film to create a mask.
    the engraving process apm mask
    The mask is added to the glass and all remaining glass is covered with tape.
    the engraving process blasting cabinet
    The glass is then placed into a cabinet where it is sandblasted with the image being etched into the glass.
    the engraving process result
    Once the mask and tape are removed the glass is then washed down and is ready.


    Please drop into the the shop for a good look through our catalogue and to discuss artwork.